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Roaming: my Orange mobile line from abroad

I am outside Spain and the data access from my Orange mobile line has been blocked, what can I do?

In order to avoid bill shocks, there is a "data expenditure control from abroad" service active by default with your Orange mobile line:
- once you reach an expenditure of 30 € you will receive an informative text message
- once you reach the 50 € limit you will receive another text message and the data service will be temporarily suspended. (please note: this functionality is available as long as it is compatible with the telecommunications network of the country you are traveling to). If you want to keep browsing after that, you can ask for reactivation of the service:

> By typing *118# and then pressing the "call" key on your phone.
> Sending a text message to 22095 with the text "NAVEGAR".
> By calling customer service at 470 (if you are calling from an Orange line) or +34 656001470 (if you are calling from a line which is not Orange). Zone 1 fees are applied to these calls.

This "data expenditure control from abroad" service is active by default. If you want you can deactivate it:
>By typing *118*1# and then pressing he "call" key on your phone.
>Via your customer service area.